Wednesday, August 06, 2003

"im floating in open air,
flying, dreaming,
wishing, hoping,
someone please catch me,
for im alone..."

what a day!
i spend tuesday night at edwin david's house(BATTLE OF THE PLANETS:MARK and JASON)
juz hanging around...

he juz finished his new book(BATTLE OF THE PLANETS:MANGA) plugging!!! hehehehe...
watch out for it! ganda nito! promise!

juz this morning i went on a road trip to find a friend's house..it was my first time to go there.. it went well naman.. ;)
their place is nice. kala ko mahihirapan akong hanapin but it turns out, madali lng pala.
i was there before lunch..or WAY before lunch..hehehe.. i didnt expect that i would be arriving that early e.
wala kasi ganong traffic. IT WAS FUN.

right now im here at eugenes place again. (FREE INTERNET!)
hehehehe... JOKE!
i brought the last 2 pages of edwin to be scanned here. SEE! im only a messenger! hehe...

well that's my current adventure for the day...


Saturday, August 02, 2003

"i know i did something wrong that night..
and im always being paranoid..

sorry for all of that..

i dnt know how i can make it up to you..
i can only kneel in front of you and say sorry..

this feeling deep inside keeps on pounding me..
for i know that this feeling is right..

if i were able to show it in bad way..
sorry...i didnt mean to...

sorry for all of that........................................."


saturday was another meet for the artistden guys. whats good about that is that camy's there and
she brought brownies for the us! yey! hangang tenga ang ngiti ni lyndon! hehehe...
at ung mga gutom nabusog! hooray! thank god for camy's brownies..

me and lyndon got this kinda special pack of brownies and some sort of a biscuit (sensya hndi k alam un e! heheh...)
yipee!! saya! we've enjoyed tlking bout anything and everything..

though i havent brought my toy.. hoy! un ung lalagyan ng tracing paper noh! hehehe...
that weve been toying around last week. heheheh...

weve talked about the darna ballet to parokya ni edgar to the newly famous..... cuppets!
and so on and so on..

buti nalang ung sore throat ko bumuti-buti na. thanks to the chocolate rush last friday.
hot choco ba nman inumin k at brownies kainin ko e!

i dunno what happened, basta nwala-wala ung sore throat k..

yun lang..
share ko lang..


"her beauty thats evidently shown,
a personality thats unmatched,
everyone seems to fall,
as she gaves that smile..."

ey! back from the crypt...

juz few words coming out of my mind..

"im a lone stone covered in sand,
barely seeing the light,
as i try to peek on an early sun,
winds blew as i ready myself for the storm that awaits..."


*figure it out*

Thursday, July 31, 2003


my throat still hurts!!!!!
i juz cant stop drinking cold water...
tigas tlga ng ulo ko!

*ako si mr swabe!*

Wednesday, July 30, 2003


my fucking throat hurts...badly...
i cant eat properly...



sorry for the words people...

Sunday, July 27, 2003

my saturday was really good...

there are moments of happiness....
brief but memorable...
my little buddy that's been pumping blood inside me was happy...
small butterflies inside my stomach...

haayyyy.... ;)
"heaven when im with you.."

friday din was great!
it was the artist den regular meet
here we go!
last saturday night was great! un lng.. hehehe...

Thursday, July 24, 2003

creeping coldness



"soaring in a bottomless pit as hellish fires lick my
feet as i glide down to damnation.."

creeping coldness

at last! ive created my own blog!
well due to peer pressure! heheheh... well not really.. ;)

oh.. what a day... been quite sick this past few days..
still manage trying to draw.. at least..hehehe
currently doing this on eugene's place.
not much anything to say right now..

ill keep you guys posted..
till then... do us part.. ;)

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